The Quick 3 Routine, Butter

R545.00 R525.00

    • Rejuvinating Co Wash R230
    • Shea Aloe Butter R210
    • Scalp & Hair Oil R170

This great combo is designed for the natural looking for more wash days in a week and the convenience of a 2 in 1 wash routine. This is a simplied routine for someone who prefers using just a butter and oil to moisturize the hair . 


              HEALTHY HAIR STEP 1 & 2: Clean hair and scalp + Conditioned and treated hair  

2 in 1

Rejuvenating Co Wash: Refresh & condition 


HEALTHY HAIR STEP 3: Moisturised and protected hair


Shea Aloe Butter: Moisturise & shield leavein conditioner

Scalp & Hair Oil: Grow and Strengthen

Healthy Hair Range

No Mineral Oil

No Petroleum

No Parrafin

No Silicones

No Harsh Sulphates