The Kiddies ABC Routine (with Mist )

R520.00 R505.00

    • Kiddies Shampoo & Conditioner , 250ml
    • Kiddies Hydrating Mist , 250ml
    • Kiddies Scalp & Hair Oil , 100ml

RESULT: Gently Cleansed hair feeling moisturized

For the little one who loves wearing their hair in protective styles and uses the Hydrating Mist as the core moisturizer ; this Combo is convenient must have.


              HEALTHY HAIR STEP 1 & 2: Clean hair and scalp + Conditioned and treated hair  

2 in 1

A) Kiddies Shampoo & Conditioner : Clean & Moisturise


HEALTHY HAIR STEP 3: Moisturised and protected hair


B)Kiddies Hydrating Mist : Detangle and protect spray

C)Kiddies Scalp & Hair Oil : Seal and Strengthen

Healthy Hair Range

No Mineral Oil

No Petroleum

No Parrafin

No Silicones

No Harsh Sulphates