The Grand Healthy Hair Pack

R1,105.00 R995.00

    • Moisturising Shampoo , 250ml
    • Deep Repair Conditioner , 250ml 
    • Shea Aloe Butter , 250ml
    • Hydrating Mist , 250ml
    • Scalp & Hair Oil , , 100ml
    • Rejuvinating Co Wash , 250ml

The Grand healthy hair pack is a one stop set for your 123 Healthy hair routine plus the addition of the convenient 2 in 1 Rejuvenating Co wash for those in between more regular wash days after gym days or other activities . 


   HEALTHY HAIR STEP 1: Clean hair and scalp 


Moisturing Shampoo: Damage And Moisture Treatment 

Rejuvenating Co Wash: Refresh & condition 


       HEALTHY HAIR STEP 2: Conditioned and treated hair

Deep Repair Conditioner  Damage &  Moisture Treatment


HEALTHY HAIR STEP 3: Moisturised and protected hair


Shea Aloe Butter: Moisturise & shield leavein conditioner

Hydrating Mist: Detangle and protect spray

Scalp & Hair Oil: Grow and Strengthen

Healthy Hair Range

No Mineral Oil

No Petroleum

No Parrafin

No Silicones

No Harsh Sulphates