LOC Combo


    • Shea Aloe Butter , 250ml
    • Hydrating Mist , 250ml
    • Scalp & Hair Oil , 100ml

The LOC combo is your must have moisture solution for every crown of coils and curls . Apply the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method for maximum moisturisation and retention using the Mabutribe Hydrating Mist, SheaAloe butter and the Scalp & Hair Oil. When applied in this order daily it allows your hair to both absorb and retain moisture for longer! Play around with the order of the Oil and cream to see which works best for your hair


HEALTHY HAIR STEP 3: Moisturised and protected hair


      • Shea Aloe Butter: Moisturise & shield leavein conditioner
      • Hydrating Mist: Detangle and protect spray
      • Scalp & Hair Oil: Grow and Strengthen


HEALTHY HAIR STEP 1: Clean hair and scalp 

HEALTHY HAIR STEP 2: Conditioned and treated hair

Healthy Hair Range

No Mineral Oil

No Petroleum

No Parrafin

No Silicones

No Harsh Sulphates