Hairline care

  • The MabuTribe hair line re-grow and care strategy are holistic. It’s really focused on dealing with traction alopecia ( where hair follicles are experiencing damage due to too much pulling).

  1. Stop all tensions and high friction damaging our hair.

 – Sleep on a satin/silk material and if you tie head use a satin or silk wrap

-Control the tightness of your buns and also to gently stretch out hair without hair

2. Stimulate the hair follicles (where the roots of hair grow from)

-Wash with the MOISTURISING SHAMPOO weekly to ensure scalp is breathing 

-Daily lightly oil massage with the HAIR & SCALP  OIL 

3. Support the fragile new hairs with moisture and strength as they start to grow out 

   -Wipe your hair and  hairline gently with the MICRO FIBRE NO DRIP CAP AND BAND 

    – Daily moisture system: Apply something moisturising and seal in the moisture.

Apply the LCO/LOC method to moisture retention: L –Liquid HYDRATING MIST , O-Oil HAIR & SCALP OIL, C-Cream SHEA ALOE BUTTER

For lighter moisture retouch with less shrinkage just apply the SHEA ALOE BUTTER

For detangling use the HYDRATING MIST and The daily DETANGLING BRUSH when needed.

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