My Moisture Rescue for my dry coily coarse hair in dry Joburg weather

Winning the moisture ‘hide and go seek’ hair game

The fundamental step to truly enjoying ones’ hair is to embrace its natural charactistics and understand how to work with it. The first thing I quickly learned about my crown of coils was that it is as equally giving of moisture as it is receiving it! This meant that often I would moisturise my hair and by the time I step out the door to greet the day all that moisture had already bid each hair strand farewell. So often when I would retire from a long day’s work, my hair would be feeling like it was about to crack and fall out. This severity of thirst in my hair was heightened by the dry Johannesburg weather that has no humidity to offer crowns of coils.

It became my mission to work towards MabuTribe product range becoming an enabler for dry Crowns of coils to better retaining moisture even in dry climates.  This is important because moisture in our hair brings a level of flexibility that prevents breakage when its being manipulated. There are some key factors that I learned are important to creating a moisture retention hair routine for Crowns of coils:

  1. Ensure your hair is clean so there is no product build up on hair and scalp so new moisture can constantly be received. Avoid washing with shampoos with harsh sulfates that strip hair.
  2. Follow every wash with a deep conditioner to replenish and jump start moisture and nourishment in your hair.
  3. When you moisturise your hair (putting a water based product) follow with an oil and/or cream to retain moisture for longer.
  4. Avoid products ingredients that clog up hair shafts and obstruct he optimal absorption of new moisture and nutrients in hair. So avoid petroleum, parrifins, mineral oils and silicones.
  5. Remember that oils do not moisturise hair but rather work to retain moisture, condition hair and strengthen it. Moisture is water!
  6. Be careful to not use on your hair materials that suck out all moisture and oils in hair (biggest culprit being cotton). So sleep on satin or silk, to dry washed hair use a micro fibre material (or even the common tshirt material) and when styling avoid wool and thick cotton accessories.

The focus on the moisture retention ability in MabuTribe products began to bring back volume, life and ease of management to my hair. My routine consists of weekly washing my hair with the Nourishing cleanser (a mild African soap shampoo free of harsh sulfates helping replenish nourishment into hair while keeping it clean) and following with the Conditioning Touch (a deep conditioner which helps retain the good moisture in my hair and protect hair strands from daily friction). On a daily basis, I often use the Loc (Liquid, Oil and Cream) method to moisturise my hair. To moisturise and retain moisture I lightly moisturise my hair using my Hydrating Mist, then apply the oil Splendor to retain the moisture and end with the SheaCoco Aloe leave in conditioner to double up the retention mission. Others may even need an extra layering and so adding an extra layer of oils would create better results. This method is called the LOCO method.  A little goes a long way as these products are made with many rich and organic oils. The products also ensure that there are adequate strengthening properties in all products to also enable enduring length retention in hair.

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