MabuTribe was birthed from my personal journey of self celebration

Hi Beautiful people! My name is Tlhologelo Mabelane, founder of MabuTribe. My vision and the heart of MabuTribe is the Celebration of African Identity. I believe that how we see ourselves (identity) informs how we show up in the world. MabuTribe was birthed from my own personal journey of self-embrace and celebration. This journey was ignited by a failed first attempt to salvage my thinning, over-processed hair, by trying to grow it without chemically straightening it.  This was a failed attempt because I didn’t know how to care for and style my now coily hair and I felt less affirmed in my beauty when in my coils. So, despite my personal dislike of the harsh chemicals, the skin irritations I would often get and my hair’s negative reaction to the chemicals, I went back and continued to use them.

What bothered me the most was that there was a part of me I felt disempowered to celebrate (active appreciation of something informed by an understanding and recognition of its worth/value). I then decided to embark on a journey of self-celebration starting with my hair. I was determined to embrace my hair as it grows from its root and bring it to its ultimate health. After vigorously trying a variety of great products I still struggled to find products that managed to resolve moisture retention issues for my dry, very coarse and tightly coiled hair in the dry Johannesburg climate. I was also looking for products that were pro health and not harmful to my hair or scalp in the long run. So, I then began my long process of research to finding the right mix of nature’s ingredients that would bring my hair to health and allow me to enjoy it.

I began using my products and my hair was flourishing, people around began asking me to make them monthly supplies of what I using. I quickly realized that there were many others who were experiencing the same hair challenges as I was. These people inspired me to ultimately create a product line to empower many more to celebrate and enjoy their natural coily crowns! I believe that everyone deserves to have healthy hair. I also believe that all hair is a design and everyone should feel that growing it out the way it comes from its roots is a real option by being equipped to do so. Thus my mission through MabuTribe is to replenish the crowns of Africans with health and empower them to enjoy it.

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