About Us

The Heart of Mabu

The essence of Mabu is the celebration of African identity. At Mabu we believe that hair  is a beautiful carefully crafted design.  

The African hair space has been largely focused on hair style at the great compromise of hair health. Mabu wants to marry hair  grooming with great hair and scalp health. 

Hair across the world is a woman’s pride and crown to her beauty and for the man it is a treasured Marcho accessory. Mabu wants to empower the Africans with crowns of coils and curls to enjoy their hair. 

Therefore redressing the crowns of Africans with health, equipping them to maintain it and journeying together in celebrating its design.

The Philosophy of Mabu Products

Mabu products have been carefully researched to promote health for  the coil design of African hair. 

Mabu works to extract the best out of organic ingredients to help grow and maintain healthy hair. 

The products are created with each hair stand’s longevity in mind and therefore use the nourishing power of organic butters, oils and juices to balance moisture (hair elasticity) and protein (hair strength).